Low cost, rapid debris de-orbiting for less than $3k per kilogram of removed mass from Earth orbit.

Howe Industries is a research and development company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of new technologies. 

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A nuclear thermal rocket for manned exploration of Mars, the Moon, or space colonization.


Water based propulsion for CubeSats providing orbit insertion, station keeping for 10 years, and eventual deorbit.

Howe Industries is hiring for 10 week spring internships (undergrad) and fellowships (graduate level)! This is your chance to work on cutting edge nuclear and space technologies for the future of mankind! If you are interested send a resume and unofficial transcript to troy@howeindustries.net or through the contact page! 

Still want more? Check out our Developing Technology page for autonomous lunar habitat creators, small modular reactors, and other far out tech. 

Nuclear electric propulsion using Advanced Thermoelectric Generators reaching over 20% efficiency.


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