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​​Thermasat is a propulsion system for Cubesats that uses water as a propellant. The propellant is heated to high temperature steam through optical manipulation of incident sunlight. The optical system uses nano-structures known as photonic crystals to limit infrared emission.  The propulsion system provides deployment, station keeping, and end of life de-orbit. Can provide propulsion for a 15kg Cubesat for a 10 year lifetime


The Alpha Zero Nano Reactor (AZNR) used the same advanced conversion technology from the SPEAR spacecraft but uses it for terrestrial power generation on Earth. With solid state power generation and long lived fission reactors, the AZNR can provide 1MW of electrical power for decades without ever shutting down. 

The SUBSELENE vehicle uses modular nuclear reactors and 3-D printing to create glass structures or tunnels beneath the lunar surface. This can be done remotely and ready for human habitation on arrival. Glass structures on the moon can be used for habitation, propellant-less launches, or ultra-high speed rail systems. 

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The Modular THorium Rocket (MOTHR) is designed to be deconstructed at locations on outer planets. The SPRINTR-based propulsion system becomes a source of ground based power and fuel breeding. It carries necessary components to electrolyze water/ice and create in-situ hydrogen. Propellant tanks are removed and replaced after refuelling. One MOTHR ship can provide resources for a new planetary colony and even create more MOTHR ships from the resources there.

The Howe Industries Developing Technology section is where ideas grow before they become major projects. Expect to see these topics in future awards and grants to propel humanity in to the future with H.I. Tech designs. 


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