The SUBSELENE vehicle uses new technologies such as modular nuclear reactors and 3-D printing to create glass structures or tunnels beneath the lunar surface. This can be done remotely and ready for human habitation on arrival. 




Our mission is to develop next generation technology for the betterment of humankind

Developing Technology

​​Thermasat is a propulsion system for Cubesats that uses water as a propellant. The propellant is heated to high temperature steam through optical manipulation of incident sunlight. The optical system uses nano-structures known as photonic crystals to limit infrared emission.  The propulsion system provides deployment, station keeping, and end of life de-orbit. Can provide propulsion for a 15kg Cubesat for a 10 year lifetime


SPRINTR uses a flat plate geometry to drastically increase the reliability and manufacturing capabilities of nuclear fuel design. With this design there is no radioactive exhaust. With a weight of only 3.3 tons the SPRINTR small modular reactor is able to be transported by truck or helicopter. The system is an air breathing modular reactor that can be assembled at the destination. The system uses low enriched uranium which will allow it to be owned by both governments and private individuals. The system is unable to reach dangerous temperatures due to liquid moderator, it releases no fission products, and can easily be controlled. The SMR picture produce ~ 4MW of power and power 4,000 houses for >3 years without refueling.