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A Howe Industries Subsidiary

Water based propulsion for CubeSats providing orbit insertion, station keeping for 10 years, and eventual deorbit.

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A High Irradiance Peltier Operated Tungsten Exo-Reflector for the daytime exploration of Mercury.

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A nuclear thermal rocket for manned exploration of Mars, the Moon, or space colonization.

A system that has the potential to produce 20,000 lbsf of thrust with an Isp of 5,000 s.

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Nuclear electric propulsion using Advanced Thermoelectric Generators (ATEG)s reaching over 20% efficiency.

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​Low cost, rapid debris de-orbiting for less than $3k per kilogram of removed mass from Earth orbit.

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Based on advanced nuclear technologies developed at Howe Industries, Nu Planet is revolutionizing the world of nuclear materials!

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