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A nuclear thermal rocket for manned exploration of Mars, the Moon, or space colonization.


While some look up into the sky and wonder why we are here, Howe Industries wonders how to reach the furthest parts of space. In order to reach our next destination we are currently researching new and exciting technologies related to advanced power generation methods and space propulsion. Through our nuclear power research and development not only can far away planets become neighbors but clean energy can be used to power homes, businesses, and potentially whole cities. 


It is the goal of Howe Industries to work to develop these space based power systems, which includes radioisotope fueled systems and reactor based systems. In order to take the human race further than previously thought possible.

Dr. Troy Howe, PhD
Dr. Steve Howe, PhD



NASA NIAC Phase I - HI-POWER - A High Irradiance Peltier Operated Tungsten Exo-Reflector


NIAC Phase I - Pulsed Plasma Rocket - Shielded, Fast Transits for Humans to Mars


NASA NIAC Phase II - SPEAR Probe - A Swarm-Probe Enabling ATEG Reactor

NSF SBIR Phase I - ThermaSat - A Solar Thermal CubeSat Propulsion System 



NASA NIAC Phase I - SPEAR Probe - An Ultra Lightweight Nuclear Electric Propulsion Probe for Deep Space Exploration 


NASA SBIR Phase I - Fuel Element for an Affordable NTR​


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