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Dr. Troy Howe, PhD (CEO) started Howe Industries in 2015 with the mission to introduce technologies – with both space as well as terrestrial applications – that derive from their team’s expertise in nuclear technologies, thermal systems, and space propulsion. Reflecting the company’s culture of innovation and excellence, Howe Industries has been the recipient of multiple grants from federal agencies, including NASA (and NASA NIAC), DARPA as well as the NSF.  In addition to the ThermaSat CubeSat propulsion system, Howe Industries has developed the solid-state, Advanced Thermoelectric Generator (ATEG), new fuel for nuclear thermal propulsion, and the even more high-tech nuclear Pulsed Plasma Rocket.


Other projects range from debris de-orbiting to a rover for the surface of Mercury (which will be both powered and cooled using ATEG). The company is also investigating the application of their extensive knowhow towards the development of a compact fission-power station for the envisioned lunar base.

Stay tuned to see what exciting new technologies they will come up with next!

Dr. Troy Howe, PhD
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Dr. Steve Howe, PhD
Chief Scientist
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